Federation Solutions

Federations are organisations that bring together different clubs and organisations under the roof of a federation. Federations are usually formed by bringing together sports clubs or non-governmental organisations in different branches. It is extremely important for federations to have the appropriate technological infrastructure to provide common services and facilitate activities for all their members. Our software services are designed to enable federations to easily manage all their operations and increase their efficiency.

Our software services for federations can be customised according to their needs and are designed to cover all business processes. These services include membership management, event management, financial transactions, communication management, reporting and other business processes.

The membership management module enables federations to easily manage their membership transactions. This module includes member registration, member tracking, member information and other membership transactions.

Event management module allows federations to manage their events. This module includes event planning, event management, event registration, participant tracking and other event transactions.

Financial transactions module allows federations to manage their financial transactions. This module allows them to easily manage income-expense tracking, debt-credit management, invoice tracking, bank transactions and other financial transactions.

The communication management module allows federations to easily manage their communication transactions. This module includes e-mail communication, messaging, phone calls and other communication transactions.

The reporting module allows federations to report and analyse their activities. This module includes financial reporting, membership reporting, event reporting and other reporting processes.

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