Foundation Solutions

It is extremely important for foundations to have the appropriate technological infrastructure to effectively manage and maintain all their activities. Our software services are designed to enable foundations to easily manage all their operations and increase their efficiency.

Our software services for foundations can be customised according to their needs and are designed to cover all business processes. These services include financial transactions, fundraising, personnel management, project management, reporting and other business processes.

The financial transactions module allows foundations to manage their financial transactions. This module enables them to easily manage income-expense tracking, debt-credit management, invoice tracking, bank transactions and other financial transactions.

The fundraising module facilitates the fundraising processes of foundations. This module includes services such as online fundraising, donation campaigns, donation management and donor management.

The personnel management module enables foundations to easily manage personnel transactions. This module includes personnel tracking, payroll, leave tracking, training management and other personnel transactions.

Project management module enables foundations to easily manage their project processes. This module includes services such as project tracking, project management, budget management and project reporting.

The reporting module allows foundations to report and analyse their activities. This module includes financial reporting, personnel reporting, project reporting and other reporting processes.

The software services we offer to foundations help foundations manage all their business processes and increase their efficiency.

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